Straight Stair Lifts


Straight-rail stairlifts

A straight stair lift is the simplest type of stair lifts available in the market. As its name suggests, the motorized seat only moves in a straight line. So this means that you should be careful when you evaluate your own, individualized requirements.


If the staircases at home include curves or corners, a straight stair lift is not the best option. Instead, it will only allow you to install the rail up to the point where the curve, bump or corner emerges and then you will not be able to move properly. The straight stair lift only moves at a fixed angle, so beware of that.

Who Is the Straight Stair Lift Meant for?

A straight stair lift is meant for flights of stairs that are straight and do not involve any abnormalities in their construction. They are simpler than curved stair lifts, as they do not require any special attention in their making. If you are certain that your staircases meet the criteria, you are free to choose the straight stair lift to purchase and install.

Special note should be given to the case where there are two different flights of stairs, divided by a small area and continuing on in line. If this is the case, then buying two small straight stair lifts is an option for you. You will place them on both staircases and move from one to the next. If you are OK with getting up and sitting instead of completing your intended task directly with the help of a curved stair lift, you can try it out.

Can Someone Use a Straight Stair lift Outdoors?

There is no limitation as to where the straight stair lift is used. You can use it outdoors, provided that the staircase is in a straight line. Just make sure you pick a straight stair lift that is waterproof and highly durable, to prevent damage and deterioration due to weather conditions.

How Long Is the Straight Stair Lift Rail?

Typically, you will be prompted to buy the average length of rail for your straight stair lift. This reaches 14 feet. If, however, you want more for covering your staircases, you can contact the manufacturer and ask for a quote based on your exact requirements.

Can I Use Straight Stair lifts on Narrow Staircases?

Yes, you will see that the exact size of the straight stair lift varies remarkably. Based on your own staircases’ measurements, your height and any other additional information, you will be able to determine the ideal size for your home. Just keep in mind that your knees need to have some extra room, so that you move up and down easily and without any injuries or discomfort.

Does the Straight Stair Lift Cost Lower?

When compared to curved stair lifts, the straight stair lift is without a doubt more affordable. However, this should not be a surprise for you. On the contrary, the difference in pricing reflects the different features and the diverse complexity of the construction. The straight stair lift is not capable of moving on a bend or following a curve, whereas the curved stair lift has been especially designed to meet these needs.