How to Choose a Stair Lift


Choosing a stair lift is a complex procedure. Since this is not a “one-size-fits-all” situation, you should be prudent and detail-oriented in your decision making. Below you will find some hints and tips, which will hopefully help you make the most of your purchase:

Senior Using Stair Lifts

  • Run thorough research: Do not sit idle or limit yourself to a couple of stair lift companies. Instead, contact certified stair lift manufacturers and providers in your area and check out their products and services. It is always better to gather your options, weigh them and conclude as to the best option in the end.
  • Get individualized quotes: Next step, you need to make sure that the Stair lift company has taken every single detail of your staircase into account. This can only be accomplished through detailed inspection of the staircases and the surrounding areas. This will determine the exact type of Stair lift that best matches your requirements. The professionals must consider all the bends, the curves and corners, as well as any other distinctive detail in the construction of the staircases to be accurate regarding their quote.
  • Include special features: There are special features that make a whole lot of difference in the overall user experience. So they should not be underestimated or neglected. One of the most important features is without a doubt the seat swivel. Especially when you are about to install a straight Stair lift, you will find this addition a true life-saver towards ensuring utmost convenience. You can also check out remote controls and other control options on the side handles, select upholstery of your choosing and a lot more.
  • Compare quotes and quality service: After having gathered all the quotes from the stair lift companies you have contacted, now is the time to evaluate them. Pay attention, however, not to restrict your comparison to the cost. As a result, you may be losing on something equally if not more important. For instance, a less expensive estimate might not include extended warranty or life-long technical support and customer service. Be sure to add these factors prior to reaching your decision.
  • Check out reputation: Finally, you are greatly encouraged to check out the online reputation of the stair lift company you are going to trust. This is the ultimate “test-drive”, as it will open your eyes and enlighten you on things that you might have ignored so far. Of course, online reviews are not the only tool you can use. You should also make sure to check out the credentials and certifications of the companies you have contacted. As a result, you will know which of them represents the best value for money.