Curved Stair Lifts


Curved-rail stairlifts

A curved stair lift covers a wide range of requirements, deriving from the specifications of staircases that do not fall under the term of a “straight staircase”. To be more specific, curved stair lifts can be used on stairs that feature bends, curves and angles, as well as intermediate stairs, spiral or pie shaped flights of stairs, stairs on multiple floors etc.

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Senior Using Stair Lifts

As you can see, this is a greatly flexible type of stair lift and can be perfectly customized as per the needs and preferences of each staircase. Thanks to the durable and exceptionally practical materials used, there is no hazard in bending the tracks and fitting exactly on top of the staircase without any exception.

Who Is the Curved Stair Lift Meant for?

A curved Stair lift is meant for home owners who wish to install stair lifts on any type of staircases. No matter how narrow or wide, no matter how curvy or straight, the curved stair lift offers 100% guarantee that the outcome is absolutely perfect.

One thing you should take into consideration, however, is the fact that it is necessary to have an expert inspect your staircases and offer a quote. Due to the uniqueness of the staircase style, you need to make sure that even the slightest detail has been taken into account.

Can Someone Use a Curved Stair lift Outdoors?

Of course, it is possible to use a curved Stair lift outdoors. The only thing you need to make sure is that it perfectly fits to the specific requirements of your staircase. There are curved stair lifts that have been especially designed, so as to be used in the garden, at the back yard or anywhere else outdoors.

Curved Stair lifts and Different Rails

There are three different types of rails you can choose from, according to the individual requirements of your staircase:

  • Flat Rail: The flat rail is greatly durable as a construction. So it offers unique stability and safety. Its major risk, nevertheless, has to do with the fact that it does not bend that easily. Especially where there is not enough room, things might get worse in terms of flexibility.
  • Single Rail: Although it is equally durable and sturdy in its construction, the single rail is also limiting when it comes to bending. The main problem area is without a doubt that of special angles and corners.
  • Double Rail: This is the sturdiest construction among all options, offering the opportunity to the people who install the rail to bend it smoothly and get within great proximity to the walls. This is of course a huge advantage, as the stairs remain functional and are not greatly affected by the installation.